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Carol A. Cantrell

  • Licensed Texas Attorney and CPA
  • Board Certified – Tax Law
  • Board Certified – Estate Planning & Probate Law
  • Admitted to practice in U.S. Tax Court, the 2nd  and 5th  Circuit Courts of Appeals, the U.S. District Court Southern District of Texas, and the United States Supreme Court 
  • Over 30 years experience in public accounting
  • Author:
    • Stock Options: Estate, Tax, and Financial Planning
    • The Fiduciary Accounting Answer Book
    • Taxation of Compensation and Benefits
    • Guide to Practical Estate Planning
    • Texas Franchise Tax Deskbook
    • Journal of Taxation “When is a Transferee Partner a Contributing Partner?” (May 2003)
    • Journal of Taxation “Living and Dying with the Complex Rules of Incentive Stock Options” (August 1997)
    • Trusts & Estates   “Gain is Realized on Death of the Grantor With an Outstanding Installment Note” (Feb. 2010)
    • Trusts & Estates “Separate Share Regulations Propose Surprising Changes” (March 1999)
    • The Tax Adviser “Final Sec. 67(e) Regulations: The End of a Long Journey” (August 2014)
    • The Tax Adviser “Preparing and Filing Form 8939” (Nov. 2011)
    • The Tax Adviser “How Will Final Regulations Apply the Knight ‘Commonly Incurred’ Test?” (June 2008)
    • The Tax Adviser “Did the Second Circuit Err in Rudkin Testamentary Trust?” (April 2007)
    • The Tax Adviser “New Sec. 643 Capital Gain and Loss   Carryout   Regs”   (December   2005)
    • The Tax Adviser “Partnership   Interest   for   Services Regulations   Offer   Estate   Planners   a   Bona   Fide   Solution”   (October   2005)
    • The Tax Adviser “Deducting Third-Party Investment Management Fees Under Sec. 67(e)” (October 2002)
    • The Tax Adviser “Sec. 643 Prop. Regs. Redefine Trust Income” (August 2001)
    • Probate  & Practice  Reporter  “Final  Sec.  67(e)  Regulations:  The  End  of a  Long Journey” (June 2014).

Carol helps families and small businesses with tax planning, preparation, and drafting. She is a well-known speaker on income and estate tax matters at local as well as national tax and estate planning conferences. Read Carol Cantrell’s resume for more information.




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