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IRS Exam and Appeals

IRS Liens

Tax liens can be filed by the IRS any time you owe them money. It’s not a levy (property seizure); it’s just the IRS’ way of putting the world on notice that they have a security interest in your property. Liens can be hazardous to your financial health. Title companies, credit reporting agencies, and lenders all become aware of these liens, as they are public record. In some circumstances the liens are filed erroneously or should be legally removed/released. We can take a look to see if you qualify for these relief measures.

IRS Levies (Property Seizures)

An IRS levy is your worst nightmare, and it can come when you least expect it. IRS’ favorite targets are bank accounts and wages. We can help you prevent your situation from getting to this point. And if it happens, we can assist you in obtaining relief by securing a release in most cases.

IRS Audits (Examinations)

The IRS has the right to audit any filed tax return, generally within three years of its filing date. But what you naively think is just a routine examination often becomes an “audit from hell.” We can relieve your anxiety by representing you and, most often, preventing a proposed deficiency that you can’t live with.

IRS Appeals

Most taxpayers don’t realize that they don’t have to accept what an IRS auditor proposes. An examination finding can be appealed administratively and settled without the necessity of expensive litigation, and we can help you through this process.

IRS Summons

This is the IRS’ legal way to force you to submit to an interview and/or cough up your books and records. While you generally have to comply, many times the summons that you receive is defective and need not be complied with. But only an experienced practitioner would know that. And even if you have to comply, we can accompany you and advise you of your legal rights.

Installment Agreements

If you legitimately owe money to the IRS but cannot pay in full, we can usually negotiate a monthly payment plan that you can live with. Call us for more details.

Offers In Compromise

If it becomes obvious that you cannot pay your IRS debt, even with an installment agreement, all is not lost. You may qualify for an offer-in-compromise (OIC), a legal way to reduce your IRS debt for less than the full amount owed. We can evaluate your circumstances and tell you if we think you qualify for an OIC.

Penalty Abatement

There are about 150 different types of penalties that the IRS can slap on you. But most of them can be abated (reduced or eliminated) by a showing of “reasonable cause.” We know how to do that, if the circumstances are right, and we would love to show you how.

IRS Refunds and Claims

In many cases, the IRS owes you money and you don’t even realize it! We can find out, and, if appropriate, file the necessary claim forms to get your tax dollars back.

Innocent Spouse

All too often a tax liability is caused by your spouse’s malfeasance, and you may not even have been aware of his/her actions that created the liability. In such cases the law allows you (if you qualify), to obtain relief from that liability. We can do it for you.