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Tax and Estate Planning

Estate Planning and Administration

We can help you design a sensible estate plan to carry out your goals and provide a smooth and orderly transition for your family. We can also help you implement that plan by drafting estate planning documents that are uniquely tailored to your individual property and family needs. None of our wills or trusts are “off the shelf.”  If your plans include lifetime gifts, we can help you structure a sensible gifting program and create tax efficient entities to carry out your plans. Once your plan is designed and the documents are drafted, we help you organize all your important documents in a personal estate planning binder, which tells your family what to do in the event of your untimely illness, disability or death. And when death occurs, we can help your executor through the probate and administration of the estate.  

Income Tax Returns 

People need to know well in advance how much tax they owe and when it is due. We can provide you with easy to understand multi-year tax projections to help you plan ahead. We can also suggest ways to minimize your overall tax liability by taking advantage of every legal tax-saving opportunity you are entitled to. In addition to the planning, we can prepre your tax return. Our staff are experienced at preparing returns for individuals, partnerships, trusts, corporations, and tax exempt organizations. We also prepare a large number of estate and gift tax returns.  

Income Tax Planning

We can help you identify tax-saving opportunities in your personal and business transactions. These opportunities can be as simple as choosing the right legal structure for a new business, properly drafting and negotiating contracts, organizing your records to withstand an IRS audit, buying or selling a business, structuring a real estate transaction, designing a retirement plan or business succession plan, and much more. We can also provide you with a tax opinion letter or IRS ruling supporting the tax treatment of your transactions.