IRS Exams and Appeals

IRS Liens and Levies

Liens and levies (property seizures) are the primary enforcement tools that the IRS uses to collect delinquent tax. However, there are some procedural safeguards that the law provides for. We can advise you regarding an evaluation to see whether the IRS has exceeded its authority and whether such actions can be rescinded.

IRS Audits

IRS Exam and AppealsThe IRS has the right to audit your filed tax return to ensure accuracy and compliance with the tax law. This is never a pleasant experience – even under the best of circumstances. We provide the expert guidance you need through this process to insure the best result you can get.

IRS Appeals and Settlements

Virtually all IRS determinations can be appealed administratively without having to go to court. Many times the IRS makes mistakes during an audit, or even worse, makes arbitrary and incorrect determinations. We have a high success rate of getting these erroneous assessments reversed or greatly reduced.

Innocent Spouse Relief

If a joint tax return has been filed, the tax liability is “joint and several.” That means that IRS can go after either spouse for 100% of the tax, regardless of which spouse really owes the money. Fortunately the Revenue Code provides a remedy for these inequitable situations. Our experts on the law for innocent spouses can get you the tax relief you deserve.

Offers in Compromise

Often a taxpayer finds himself completely unable to pay the tax that has been assessed. If your assets and income are insufficient to pay the tax in full, the law provides for a means of compromising the liability. We have an unbeatable record in getting the IRS to accept our compromise offers.

Installment Agreements

If a taxpayer can pay the tax he owes, but only over an extended period of time, he can generally negotiate a monthly amount that he can live with. But this can be a delicate process requiring professional assistance, especially when the amount owed is very large.

Asset Protection

In today’s litigious society, no one who has accumulated a modest net worth can afford to be without an asset protection plan. We can handle this for you, using the latest sophisticated techniques. Such techniques may be a simple as paying off your home mortgage, partitioning your property, or just owning the right type of assets. However, these techniques only work with proper planning, which is our specialty. Contact our tax attorneys in Houston today to schedule your case consultation.

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